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Re-elect anti-cuts councillor Don Thomas!

Don Thomas anti-cuts councillor set to defend seat


This election campaign has shown the rising tide of anti-austerity anger at Westminster politicians and the cuts agenda.

In Southampton, protests against library cuts and benefit sanctions have had large turnouts. Our street stalls have met enthusiastic support for campaigns to save Woodside Lodge care home and the Bitterne NHS walk-in centre.

Hustings give a glimpse of the battles to come. Under the pressure of an angry electorate, Tory and Labour candidates give false promises to provide ‘milk and honey’ to the NHS. Meanwhile, they are preparing a £30 billion slaughterhouse cuts programme.

The electorate is way to the left of the austerity consensus. In Southampton, anti-cuts councillors Don Thomas and Keith Morrell have given a courageous lead: voting to oppose all cuts. By building a united campaign with council trade unions and the community, they fought successfully to save Oaklands swimming pool.


Keith was re-elected last year with 43% of the vote. This year, Don is standing for re-election on his record as an anti-cuts councillor. TUSC and Don support all those in the city who are fighting the cuts and maintaining a working class voice in the council chamber.