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Campaigners back Woodside Lodge residents!

Families of residents met last night with campaigners supporting them in their fight to stop Southampton City Council closing down Woodside Lodge Care Home at Maybush. The meeting was alarmed to hear the attempts by the Council to put pressure on the families of residents who do not wish to leave their home. Council Leader Simon Letts gave a public undertaking that no one would be forced to move against their will. We call on him to honour that pledge.


Campaign organiser Linda Hayes said:

“It remains the case that there is nowhere better in the city for the care and protection of dementia sufferers. Those residents of Woodside Lodge who wish to stay, and their families, have the full support of the campaign. Hundreds of people have signed our petition. We will continue lobbying councillors and MP Alan Whitehead to back the campaign and we are also seeking legal advice on the rights of residents to stay.”

Sign the online campaign petition here:


Speaking at the meeting, Councillor Keith Morrell said:

“In recent days politicians of all persuasions have been falling over themselves to make promises about providing quality health care for all. They all now have a chance to put their money where their mouths are and demand that the City Council withdraw the threat to close down Woodside Lodge. At the Lodge we have caring, highly-trained and experienced staff providing the best care possible for dementia sufferers in the city. The Council is currently carrying out a consultation of staff and we call on Cabinet member Councillor Dave Shields and his Labour colleagues to postpone their final decision until after the elections and join with us in campaigning for the incoming government to give full support to funding Woodside Lodge and free nursing care to all who need it.”

Nick Chaffey, the TUSC Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test said:

“Caring for our vulnerable and elderly population should be a priority for this Council. Disillusioned voters want to see candidates live up to their promises: words are cheap. I call on all the Parliamentary Candidates in Southampton Test and all the candidates standing for election to Southampton City Council to give their full backing to the families of the remaining residents of Woodside Lodge.”

Save Woodside Lodge – stop the cuts!

Save Woodside Lodge: Southampton Test TUSC meeting


Monday 27 April, 7.30pm

The Saints Pub, Kendal Avenue, Southampton, SO16 9LP


Linda Hayes, Save Woodside Lodge,

Keith Morrell, Southampton Councillors Against Cuts

Nick Chaffey, TUSC candidate, Southampton Test

The threatened closure Woodside Lodge epitomises the fate of the electorate, forced to pay in austerity for a crisis created by the Banks and their Tory, LibDem and Labour allies in parliament. Rather than fight the cuts, Southampton Labour Council, has faithfully carried out the Tories cuts. Elderly people, including a 92 year-old war veteran, are under threat of eviction into the private sector, where profits come before care.


We reject all cuts to jobs and services. We give full support to care workers and their trade unions, residents and their families who wish to remain at Woodside Lodge and call on Labour councillors to postpone any decisions until after the elections on May 7th.

For more information contact Nick Chaffey 07833 681910

Join the 15 April global fast food worker protest in Southampton

Join the 15 April global fast food worker protest

Southampton TUSC candidates give their full support to the global Fast Food rights Day and the demand for £10/Hour minimum wage for all. Our candidates will be supporting tomorrows protests in Southampton and urge young people and fast food workers to join a union!

Protests on Wednesday 15 April, 11.30am at McDonalds, West Quay & McDonalds, Shirley


Statement from BFAWU bakers’ union:-

On 15 April 2015, thousands of fast food workers will lead a mass movement ofaround 60,000 low waged workers striking across the United States to raise theissue of poor wages and the lack of trade union rights within their industry. Atthe same time, fast food workers and activists in 33 other countries around theworld will also be taking action against low pay. Here in the UK, the Bakers’ Food and Allied Workers’ Union’s Fast Food Rights campaign, which works in conjunction with the US workers’ movement, is calling for an end to the use of zero hours contracts and demanding an increase in the minimum wage to £10 per


Protests have been organised across the country against employers who are wilfully exploiting their workforce in order to boost their already significant profits. Fast Food Rights actions will take place in London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Darlington, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Cardiff and Southampton (For details:

One fast food worker on a zero hours contract said, “I’m joining the 15 April global day of action because zero hours contracts and low pay are no way to live. What the American fast food workers have done shows we can fight for better. It is great that the bakers’ union has taken up the fight for £10 an hour and union rights for fast food workers here, and that’s why me and my workmates have joined the union.”

Research recently carried out says that most employers have used the economic crisis to reduce pay and workers’ benefits, with profitable companies decimating the terms and conditions of their employees as a means to further boost profits. In the UK, we are witnessing a huge rise of in work poverty, with vast swathes of the country’s labour force having to rely on benefits to top up paltry wages.

The knock-on effect of this is that an increasingly high number of working people have no disposable income which in turn, has a negative effect on the economy. Indeed, research also suggests that people are often having to use more than 50 percent of their wages just to pay rent, leaving very little for food or other items.

Ian Hodson, national president of the Bakers’ Food and Allied Workers’ Union said, “It is a scandal that a number of people who are working full-time are having to suffer the indignity of visiting a food bank in order to feed their families. What a savage, damning indictment of austerity Britain and its government, which has clearly turned a blind eye to this shameful inequality and brazen exploitation.

“15 April will prove to be a massive day of action which, in addition to raising the plight of workers in the fast food industry, will also expose the government’s failure to properly deal with tax dodging companies. If that’s not enough, we will be joining together with other workers to stop the privatisation of the National Art Gallery and fight to secure affordable housing. This entire event will unite a number of issues to bring about a collective demand to end the total injustice caused by greedy employers, poverty wages and vulnerable employment contracts.”

Join the April 15 Fast Food Rights global day of action – for more details of protests: follow the following twitter hashtags: #fastfoodglobal #April15 #10Now #joinaunion #strikefastfood – download campaign materials here

<> read more from BFAWU website


A short animation including some researched facts can be found here


Reports of Fast Food Rights protests on Youth Fight for Jobs

<> and Fast Food

Rights <> websites

Please send details of any local actions to

<> /


BFAWU bakers’ union General Secretary Ronnie Draper to speak at NSSN conference on July 4th

Southampton TUSC candidates, 100% anti-cuts!

The ConDem Coalition government has slashed funding to Southampton Council, whilst passing tax cuts on to the super-rich and their friends in big business. But Labour councillors in the city have failed to fight and have meekly implemented the cuts. Hundreds of jobs have gone and vital services in the city such as youth services, day centres and adult social care have been lost.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 16.59.29

We need councillors who won’t vote for cuts like Coxford anti-cuts councillors, Keith Morrell and Don Thomas. Campaign victories have been won over Oaklands Pool and the Bitterne Walk-In, which show what can be done.

Join the campaign to restore council jobs and services. A united mass campaign of anti-cuts councillors, trade unions and the community can force the return of funding stolen since 2010.

On May 7th to oppose cuts, vote TUSC across Southampton.

In Coxford give your support to the campaign of anti-cuts councillor Don Thomas.


A vote for anyone else is a vote for cuts!