Lobby Your Councillor, Wed 11 Feb, 1.30pm Civic Centre


Lobby Your Councillor, Wed 11 Feb, 1.30pm Civic Centre

Save Our Libraries, Save Our Day Centres and Care Homes – restore services to the city!

For the vast majority of people in Southampton the last five years of austerity have meant cuts in wages, increased taxes, rents and charges with a drastic reduction in public services in the city.


On the eve of the most important elections for years there is a chance to reverse this tide of inequality and restore vital services to the city.

To do so will mean councillors refusing to vote through this latest round of cuts.

For all those who have echoed the cuts mantra, “There is no alternative”, this weeks revelations of HSBCs role in colossal tax evasion and tax avoidance demonstrates that the resources exist to ensure public services are maintained, jobs and wages are protected and our communities needs for young and old are met.

Southampton rejected the Conservative cuts agenda in 2012 after the mighty strikes of local council workers with Labour thrown into power. Since then Labour have bent the knee and dutifully carried out the cuts.

But the city has fought to oppose further cuts with strikes amongst council workers, healthworkers, firefighters and a threatened strike by police staff. Our communities have protested to save and protect local youth services, day centres, care homes with victories over Oaklands Pool and the Bitterne Walk-In Centre.

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This demonstrates the potential that exists for the council to build mass opposition to the government cutbacks, through a united campaign of our communities and trade unions, and force the next government to restore funding to the city that can tackle urgent problems we face.

Over 15 000 people are on the housing waiting list, unable to buy or rent in the private sector. How long are our children expected to live with their parents before this problem is tackled with a mass programme of affordable council houses being built in the city as we have in the past?

What is Labour for if it is not to stand up to the cuts agenda and reverse the decline of the city? Southampton Councillors Against Cuts, Coxford councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas have shown support can be won for such a stand. Keith Morrell was re-elected last year with 43% of the vote and Labour trailing in third.

We call on Southampton’s Labour councils to match the courage of the cities workers and communities who have stood up to resist the cuts and refuse to vote for the cuts on Wednesday. To do so will be to give confidence to the library workers and users who oppose council plans to decimate library services and all those who rely on council services.

For further information contact Nick Chaffey 07833 681910


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About Southampton TUSC

Anti-cuts campaigners, trade unionists and socialists calling on Southampton Labour council to use its cash reserves and prudential borrowing powers, to set a legal, balanced, NO CUTS budget in 2016! Campaign to restore government funding to provide jobs, housing and £10/NOW for all.

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