Southampton TUSC Rally

Southampton Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

Southampton can fightback!

People power keep Bitterne Walk-In open!

People power keep Bitterne Walk-In open!

Sunday 30 November 2pm

James Matthews Building

Above Bar Street


As Southampton anti-cuts councillor Keith Morrell has made clear, “Southampton can fightback. There is a way to stop Southampton’s public services from closing down and to protect jobs. With a determined and imaginative campaign spearheaded by the City Council, trades unions and community groups we can succeed in winning back from the government the money stolen from us.”

The latest round of government cuts are hitting Southampton hard. A further £30 million is set to be axed from the city council resulting in a dramatic loss of jobs and essential services. Half the libraries in the city are under threat. The government said their austerity policies would reduce the debt and the deficit and lead to economic prosperity. Yet they have failed on every count for the 99% who have seen their living standards fall.

The Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition rejects the policies of austerity in favour of public investment in jobs, affordable housing, a £10/hour living wage and tax justice that can reverse the growing inequality in society.

We are preparing to stand candidates in the local and general election for 2015. Why? Since 2012 our Labour council has failed to mount any opposition to the cuts but bent the knee to the government cuts agenda. This is not what Labour said they would do or what local people voted for. We call on Southampton Labour councillors to refuse to vote for cuts, use their reserves and borrowing powers to protect jobs and services and demand the incoming government in 2015 restores council funding to 2010 levels.

Victories to re-open Oaklands swimming pool and keep the Bitterne Walk-In centre show what is possible. People power can defeat the cuts!

Keith will be speaking at the rally alonsgside other trade union and anti-cuts activists. Our message to the council is clear, mount a fight to restore local services or stand aside for those who will.

For more information contact Nick Chaffey 07833 681910


About Southampton TUSC

Anti-cuts campaigners, trade unionists and socialists calling on Southampton Labour council to use its cash reserves and prudential borrowing powers, to set a legal, balanced, NO CUTS budget in 2016! Campaign to restore government funding to provide jobs, housing and £10/NOW for all.

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